Bone-Chilling, Real-Life Ghost Stories

These terrifying tales come directly from those who encountered paranormal activity and lived to tell about it. From mediums contacting the dead to haunted cemeteries and encounters with “Shadow People,” here are The Lineup’s 13 most bone-chilling, scary ghost stories. Good luck sleeping tonight.

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People Share Their Eerie Encounters with ‘Shadow People’

eerie encounters

Photo: Joe Abbruscato / Flickr (CC)

“All four of us in the room saw it. It has no sound. It moved very smooth, not articulated. It reflected nothing and was darker than any shadow.”

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Investigating the Morgue at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

waverly hills sanatorium

Photo: Autumn / Flickr (CC)

Between the temperature drop, moving chair sound, camera malfunction, autopsy table vibrations, and remarkable responses from the spirit box, Theresa Argie’s chilling spirit encounters became uncomfortably personal.

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 Conversations with Dead People: Contacting Marilyn Monroe

contacting dead people marilyn monroe

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood’s famous and tragic starlet has something to say. In the first installment of Creepy Catalog’s conversations with dead people, a clairvoyant has a conversation with Marilyn Monroe and gets eerily specific details about her life.

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The Restless Spirits of The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

trans allegheny lunatic asylum

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, a group of wayward spirits seem to enjoy giving ghost hunters a run for their money.

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The Ghost Who Followed Her Home

Photo: Courtesy of Ghost City Tours

Photo: Courtesy of Ghost City Tours

After an intense paranormal experience at Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Gretchen Upshaw thought she was leaving the ghosts behind. Little did she know, a newly formed spirit had followed her home

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The Phantom Hound of Willoughby, Ohio

willoughby coal ghost dog

Photo: Alex Leier Photography / Flickr (CC)

Yukon was a loyal presence at the local supply shop … until a train accident left him dying on its doorstep. Ghost hunter Cathi Weber describes her first encounter with this spirited canine

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Her Touch was as Cold as Ice: A True Ghost Encounter

ghost girl

Photo: Sam Breach / Flickr (CC)

Paranormal researcher and author John D. Mimms shares his encounter with a little ghost girl who just wanted to play. Dare to read his chilling close encounter with the paranormal kind.

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People Describe the Unexplainable Out-of-Body Experience that Completely Changed Their Outlook on Life

out of body experience

Photo: Hartwig HKD / Flickr (CC)

From dreams of flying to premonitions of death, these eerie out-of-body experiences will challenge your outlook on the otherworldly.

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 Esme: The Other Friendly Ghost

katherine neville

Photo: Nicholas De Sciose

When writer Katherine Neville bought her 150-year-old Gothic home in Virginia, she never imagined she would be sharing it with Esme, a ghost who steals everything from live cats to precious jewelry. But Esme also knows how to find things: like priceless historical artifacts long-hidden in the attic.

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